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Tiered enterprise agreements are available, and based on the number of lots under management by an individual company.

Grow Your Construction Business With DLP Manager

Try DLP Manager For Just $350 Per Month Across Your Portfolio – Or Ask About Our Enterprise Pricing
Save money and mitigate risk with the only customer-first software platform for efficiently managing post construction defects. Transform your post construction customer experience and build your reputation and your business.

Why DLP Manager Enterprise?

Track quality assurance across multiple projects to boost performance

  • Ensure effective collaboration amongst property owners and contractors.

  • Eliminate the frustration and stress that typically occurs in defect resolution.

Prevent defects from hitting your bottom line

  • Properly document consequential damage for the purposes of ensuring financial accountability.

  • Eliminate wasted time and resources spent using software programs not purpose-built for defect resolution.

Enhance your reputation and build your risk profile

  • Ensure a clear and transparent trail of documentation from construction defect lodgement to successful rectification of defects, thereby avoiding potential disputes and litigation.

  • Reduce the margin for error and mitigate issues and risk.

Get a competitive edge when tendering for new work

  • Use the in-built real time analytics and reports to track and manage the quality of products, suppliers and contractors to ensure quality control throughout the supply chain, now and in the future.

  • Use the system in your sales and marketing presentations to provide assurance and build confidence with clients.