Why Post Construction Is More Important Thank You Think

Why Post Construction Is More Important Than You Think

There are three distinct phases of construction: Pre Construction, Construction and Post Construction.

According to Procore, these phases have distinct drivers, with subcontractors playing a key role in driving outcomes during the pre-construction and construction phases.

Upon practical completion, construction enters the Post Construction phase where the customer / owner is in the driver’s seat during the handover phase. This is where DLP Manager comes in.

Typically, the DLP is mismanaged and this can have a significant cost and reputation impact on developers, builders and subcontractors and can be a huge drain on construction companies.

Not just a trivial clean-up phase after completion, Post Construction includes the lengthy period in which customers / new owners take the keys to their new home, and test drive their environment.

This is where all of the pieces work and work together well – or not. Random documents, numerous contractors, all need to be organised and ready for the handover phase.

It’s at this stage where the thousands of (hopefully) small defects get reported, complaints handled, and resolved satisfactorily.

In extreme cases, it is where major, structural defects are detected, and must be dealt with promptly, efficiently and professionally in order to avoid litigation, delayed retention payments and maintain brand reputation.

NSW regulatory watchdog raises the CX bar

With the new focus and regulatory emphasis on the customer experience in construction, Post Construction has become a critical phase.

In NSW, Building Commissioner David Chandler, has led a renewed emphasis on the customer experience and a one-time rebuild of construction’s digital capabilities – focusing on trustworthiness and resulting in renewed rigour and digitalisation of the handover period.

Post Construction is actually a lengthy stakeholder intensive phase, and being at the forefront of this phases, DLP Manager is learning a lot about this critical part of the construction process.

“The Department of Customer Service sees the world through ‘how do we provide better services to the public and customers of NSW’.

With the new Project Intervene, Chandler is looking at ‘how can we apply our learned capabilities to make an impact?’ This is where digitalisation is key.

DLP Manager handles the entire Post Construction phase analysing the entire building

Post Construction is where rubber hits the proverbial road. Customer defects get reported – often in the thousands, and over several months or years. This is called the Defects Liability Period – or DLP.

“The biggest advantage with an online platform like DLP Manager is that it’s built for team collaboration, by builders who understand how the process should work,” says Alex Revay of Platino Properties (check out the case study).

“I have access to everything – building documents and warranties, photos of defects, even if it’s not on the email. That really enables me to do my job efficiently without having to look for information.”

The other added benefit of DLP Manager is how professional and responsive it is for new owners – with a superior customer experience. It’s easy for owners to log a defect, and get instant notifications, receive tradie calendar bookings and confirmations of works completed.

Everything takes place within the system, but seamlessly integrates with standard software programs and apps.

Turn defects into an asset for your business

DLP Manager is the first ever platform to turn defects management data into instant real time analytics, providing insights for future learnings.

Colourful graphics and charts report defects over a timeline, by fault, by building – plus sub-contractor performance, and product, design and installation insights. Now you can turn defects into an asset for making data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Save 80% on your post construction costs. Check out the independent report here. It’s just one of the reasons leading construction companies are using DLP Manager, including Growthbuilt, Roberts Co, Hutchinson Builders and Platino Properties.

According to Platino Properties’ Alex Revay, ‘I can see a future where everyone in Australia is using DLP Manager.”

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