Startup Daily Interviews Chris Polin, Founder of DLP Manager

Defects management costs construction companies $6b – or 4-12% of total construction costs.

AusBiz explores how DLP Manager is solving a unique and costly part of construction, for some of the biggest construction companies right now, in a climate of rising costs, squeezed margins.

Chris talks about the traction in market that DLP Manager is getting, due to the need by construction companies to bring more structure and analytics into their business processes.

“Having one source of truth is very important for owners. And construction companies such as Greenland, Probuild and other major organisations are using this PaaS (platform-as-a-service) tech-driven solution to do just that.”

DLP Manager solves the frustration of managing construction defects, through a collaborative online system, driven by a visual traffic light dashboard and BIM analytics to ensure optimal business performance.