Probuild Case Study “We saved time spent on defects by 96% using DLP Manager”

In its recently completed luxury apartment block of 250 units, several owners noticed hairline cracks or ‘crazing’ of their bathroom sinks.

Probuild Constructions utilised DLP Manager to survey residents and investigate whether the problem was isolated or systemic (throughout every sink, in every unit). Once the list was formulated, 125 sinks were identified as requiring replacement.

A case study conducted by Probuild revealed that compared with their previous method of handling defects, switching to DLP Manager enabled them to maximise efficiency – saving administrative time spent on defects by 96%, resulting in an 86% cost savings.

Traditional methods All in one system DLP Manager






DLP Manager all in one system


Building management contact residents requesting info on cracks in sinks 12 hours Email/ phone call letter drop/strata system 3 minutes DLP communications feature


Coordinate & confirm specifications for each unit 20 hours Phone calls/ email/ excel 40 minutes DLP Review
Coordinate access and program between owners & sub-contractors 24 hours Phone calls/ emails/ meetings/ letter drops/ excel/PDF 4 minutes DLP Access Feature


Provide completion documentation to sub-contractors for sign-off 16 hours Paper 4 hours DLP System
Provide approved completion documentation for clarity with sub-contractors 12 hours Onsite meeting 4 minutes DLP System


Coordinate onsite works (programming) 8 hours Meetings/ paper diaries/ email daily schedule 4 minutes DLP Calendar
Provide full photo documentation of completion of each unit 24 hours Scan & copy photos from phone/ email/ excel 4 minutes DLP System


116 hours

5 hours

96% efficiency




80% savings